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EAP IGE Replacement Project

Ariosh is currently handling the East Area Platform (EAP) Inlet Gas Exchanger (IGE) Replacement Project, the objective is to safely design, fabricate and install new IGE, pass-3 separator, and associated process piping, instrumentation, electrical, control and safety systems, and a 72 ton deck extension on east side of the EAP GX platform.

Client Mobil Producing Nigeria
Project Type EPCI
Location East Area Platform
Water Depth 26m - 34m
Total Manhours ~263,280.00
Vessels Deployed JUB Bull Ray & JUB Teras Conquest 1
Project Logistics Base Brawal Yard, Onne

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OML 83 and 85 Development

Ariosh completed the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) of OML 83 & 85 Field Development using integrated engineering solution. OML 83 (Anyala) and OML 85 (Madu) oilfields are located offshore of the Niger Delta coast of Bayelsa State. The proposed development for the Anyala and Madu project comprises of four (4) conductor supported platforms (CSPs) within the fields with a total of 20 wells.

Client First E & P
Project Type FEED
Water Depth 28.7m to 50.7m
Date Completed Q1 2018
Vessels Deployed NA

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NLNG AIM Improvement

The Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Asset Information Management project involves the generation of intelligent 3D models and update of all integrity-critical and safety documents across all disciplines for six (6) LNG trains and associated common facilities to reflect as-built status.

Client NLNG
Project Type Asset Information Management
Date Awarded 2012
Total Man-hours Over 750,000
Schedule Phase 1 & 2 completed on schedule Q4 2014. Phase 3 on schedule for completion Q1 2018

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CNL Makaraba NAG Development

Ariosh provided FEED and detailed design to Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) for the drilling of new Non Associated Gas (NAG) wells and modifications to Makaraba production platform to include condensate separation from gas. The wet gas will be sent to bridge connected Nigeria Gas Company (NGC) facility for dehydration.

Client Chevron
Project Type FEED & DED
Date Awarded Q2 2016
Date Completed Q4 2016
Total Man-hours Over 20,000
Recorded LTI Zero (0)

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Bonga FPSO Smart Choke Installation

The scope involves Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, offshore installation and Commissioning & Start-up for the installation of choke valves and accompanying software integration as a permanent solution to the slugging of the riser/flowline systems when production drops below minimum stable rates.

Client Shell
Project Type EPCI
Date Awarded Q3 2013
Date Completed Q4 2013
Total Man-hours Over 1,500
Recorded LTI Zero (0)

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Chevron Escravos Gas(EGP) 3B

Ariosh was responsible for certifying first time fit for all equipment, piping and structures during offshore installation on the Chevron EGP 3B Gas Gathering Project. This involved the modification of 7 offshore production platforms to include 6 new large diameter pig launchers & receivers, access platforms and deck extensions.

Client Chevron
Project Type Follow-on Engineering & Construction Management
Date Completed 2012
Total Man-hours Over 2,000
Recorded LTI Zero (0)

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Bonga FPSO Produced Water Train II IGFU Installation

Ariosh Scope of work involved Detailed Engineering design, Construction Management & Installation Support for the installation of an additional 100Mbwp Hydrocyclone and Train II IGFU (Induced Gas Floation Unit) on the Port Process module Level 2 of the Bonga FPSO.

Client Shell
Project Type Detailed Engineering Design & Construction Management
Date Awarded Q3 2015
Date Completed Q1 2016
Total Man-hours Over 15,000
Recorded LTI Zero (0)

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Sea Eagle FPSO Helicopter Refueling System Installation

Ariosh provided Detailed Engineering Design (DED) for the installation of a helicopter refueling System onboard the Sea Eagle FSPO operating in the EA field, which is located offshore Warri, to enhance the flexibility of Sea Eagle Operation via Lagos-Sea Eagle-Lagos route.

Client Shell
Project Type Detailed Engineering Design (DED)
Location Offshore Warri, Nigeria
Date Awarded Q4 2012
Date Completed Q2 2013
Total Man-hours Over 3,000
Recorded LTI Zero (0)

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MPN Field Wide Piping Replacement Phase I & II

Ariosh provided MPN with sure-fit "like-for-like" IFC (Issued for Construction) isometrics package for defective and corroded system components, majorly piping on various facilities across JV and deep-water assets for integrity improvement of the facilities. A combined total of 25 facilities in phase 1 & 2 were laser scanned by multiple teams on the project.

Client ExxonMobil
Project Type Reverse Engineering
Date Awarded 2015
Date Completed Q1 2016
Recorded LTI Zero (0)

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