Ariosh 3d laser scanning

3D Laser Scanning & Survey
Ariosh is a leading provider of 3D Laser Scanning Services. We deployed this innovative technology over a decade ago to support brownfield developments and successfully set a new paradigm for reverse engineering, seamless construction and first fit installation.

We utilize the latest high definition 3D scanning technology and our unique workflow to assist our clients in planning and executing projects more efficiently, helping them to minimize operational shutdowns and mitigate project risks. With a large fleet of laser scanners and highly trained team, our 3D laser scanning services have significantly faster turnaround time compared to other services providers.

Ariosh Digitized Facility Hub delivers compelling business benefits to the oil and gas industry. It improves the quality and accessibility of existing plant information, allowing both engineering contractors and owner/operators to make more accurate and timely decisions.

3D As-built Laser Documentation

ariosh 2d-laser-scanning
Ariosh laser scanning hub provides an accurate 3D facility database that can be viewed over the web or on local PCs. Facility owner/operators with limited or no experience in laser scanning, point cloud data, CAD, or 3D CAD can easily view, annotate, and take measurements of the digitized facility.
3D Point Cloud
Laser Data acquired from existing facilities using high definition scanners are registered into a common set of cartesian coordinates. Subsequently, the acquired data is aligned orthogonally and position with respect to the facility coordinate system using Total Station.

The PCD is imported into CAD software where it is systematically superimposed with intelligent 3D models. PDMS and other CAD software are employed by a modeller to trace and fit piping, equipment or structural members to the PCD.

3D Plant CAD Models
As-built information of a working facility is often inaccurate and incomplete, and becomes even more obsolete as time passes. Ariosh laser scanning hub mitigates these issues by using laser scan data to create validated, as-is 3D plant models for reverse engineering.

As Built Laser Data- NetView
Laser Scan Data in a format that provides access to complete high-definition, photo-realistic as-built information of Digitized Facility Access, viewing, measurement and mark-up of Panoramic images of High - Definition PCD.
Remotely located team members can access real time as - is platform data with full mark-up capabilities locally or via the web and can also incorporate hyperlinks to asset information within views.

ariosh laserscanning netview
2D As-Built Drawings
In addition to asset information management, accurate as-is drawings are essential for the FEED and Detailed Engineering Design (DED) activities. Ariosh expertly processes the digitized facility into standard 2D drawings, detailing complete and accurate existing conditions of the facility. One of our most established service offerings, we have produced over 300,000 as-built drawings in the past 5 years.

ariosh laserscanning 2d-laser-scanning
3D As-Built Laser Documentation

ariosh engineering laserscanning
ariosh as-built laser documentation
Design Verification (PipeFit Assurance)
The digital facility model, with its accuracy and comprehensive detail, can be used in the elimination of design errors.

ariosh design verification
Ariosh executes the following activities on final IFC packages to ensure spool piece and structural members bolt up at first install.
  • Clash Check & Resolution
  • Tie Point Extraction
  • Design Validation, Modification & QA/QC
  • Isometrics and Shop Drawing Generation

Dimension Control (Fabrication Assurance)
Quality engineering design ensures that new designs do not clash with existing facilities. As part of our dimension control service, our laser scanning hub is used to verify the consistency of fabricated items by carrying out spool, lines and structural checks.

ariosh - fabrication assurance

Construction Planning and Visualization
Construction planning benefits the production team by facilitating the precise location of cut lines, and enabling the visualization of spool sequencing and lift planning, scaffold planning, and assembly simulations. The digitized facility model also enables the graphic visualization of new designs inside the existing facility so that all stakeholders can clearly understand how the pending additions will interact with the existing plant configuration.

Construction Work Packages (Job Cards)
Ariosh installation work package deliverables are stand-alone job cards, delineated by discipline. Every drawing referenced in relation to an installation activity is appended to each job card, along with time estimates and required resource indexes, and a complete list of materials and equipment critical to executing each task.
The installation job cards usually have TrueView and/or Navisworks snapshot pictures for better clarity of the installation.